Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RaysSpeak: Zobrist the MVP

I know arguing with Joe Morgan's comments is "so 2007" but I just have to say something...see this chat question from ESPN.com this morning:

Steve (Middletown, CT)

What do you think about Ben Zobrist for AL MVP consideration?

Joe Morgan (11:47 AM)

There are a lot of guys having a good year on a lot of different teams. But to say that he's an MVP candidate, I don't think so. I think you're looking at Teixiera, Morneau, Mauer. There are guys ahead of him as far as MVP is concerned. But Zobrist is having a good season.

Let's get the easiest thing out of the way first. Ben Zobrist is leading the AL in WAR (Wins Above Replacement Player), meaning both offensively and defensively, he has contributed and saved enough runs to be directly responsible for more wins than any player.

ANYWAY, I have no argument against Mauer. In fact, I would be perfectly content if Mauer won. Morneau on the other hand, in my opinion, gets a lot of his praise because of his RBI totals, which has a direct connection to who gets on base directly before him, one Joseph Mauer.

As for Teixiera, he is batting .288/31/93 compared to Zobrist's .293/23/69. Teixiera has played a very good 1B this year. Zobrist has played games at 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, and RF and has committed 5 total errors.

I'm not saying Ben Zobrist should be the MVP. I think he's a better pick than Teixiera though. And to say he's just having a "good season" just isn't enough.

Link: ESPN Chat with Hall-of-Famer Joe Morgan

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