Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DLC Charts: Week of 8/17

Here is the link to the full band and individual instrument charts for all of the new songs coming out this week for Rock Band. Stay tuned for reaction.

Link: Rock Band DLC Charts 8/17

Reaction: Just watched all the charts. No Rain looks fun but ridiculously boring on Drums. Has a neat little solo though. Inside Out looks great...but apparently has a broken vocal part near the end (can't get Awesome on it no matter what.)

Shipping Up to Boston seems cool, but its really short and really repetitive. Drums look tricky, though. The Blur song seems about as average as you can get. I Predict a Riot seems fun but doesn't seem to have anything we haven't seen before.

Finally, the Foo Pack: All My Life is a chordfest, I'll Stick Around has a great drum part, and Lonely as You looks, well, pretty average. Not that I'm a fan of the song anyway.

Rytor is buying: Inside Out, I'll Stick Around. On the fence with All My Life and I Predict a Riot.

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